Our story

Our story

Søs Jensen came into existence in Bergen – Europe’s most rainy city – in 2005. In surroundings where every season might appear in one day, the two sisters Grete and Karen felt the want of outer wear that met their needs. Our aim was to be able to dress stylishly in an unpredictable climate without sacrificing style, comfort, and fashion.

The sisters, both with a background in the fashion and clothing industry, joined forces and developed a collection of outer wear of technical quality, equally suitable for sunny and rainy days: waterproof, breathing, and of high technical quality. The first collection sold out quickly.

Søs Jensen soon expanded from to Bergen to the rest of Norway, and today our outerwear is sold in other wet countries as well.

As chief designer, Grete listens to her own voice and follows her instincts, and this is the essence of the Søs Jensen’s foundation: pencil and paper. Even today Grete draws every garment by hand – with a keen focus on elegant details like hoods, ribbons, zippers, and pockets.

Norwegian design

Based in Bergen, Søs Jensen have really felt the seasons, and we have observed stylish women of every age – and in all kinds of weather. Our garments are developed according to the rapidly changing weather and in line with Norwegian design traditions. As designers and clothing manufacturers in Bergen, we are acutely aware of how the seasons seemingly change during one
single day. We us this insight to manufacture our waterproof, technical quality jackets you may wear without compromising with style. Every detail, like hoods and zippers, are especially manufactured for each garment in every unique collection.

Our Vision

We direct our gaze outwards – for you take the rainy daysmore lightly.

You will not have to choose between dreary, solid, uncomfortable rain clothes and stylish outerwear: Every single Søs Jensen garment meets our requirements for functionality, high technical quality, well-thought-out design – and a luxurious feeling. This way we create outerwear that fits with every type of outfit, from workwear to a national dress or ball gown. Classic, functional, warm, light, and elegant.